14:37 PM

Peak Performer: Sarah Kittrell

Patient Care Technician, PICU- Medical Center


Sarah  was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Sarah is such a hard worker. On average, gets about 20,000 steps in a day, as she is always on the go, looking for ways she can help and with a great attitude. Sarah looks ahead to things she can be doing and even to help out the next shift and is truly someone I would consider a Peak Performer

One Sunday on June 27, we were particularly busy in the PICU. Many patients had to be transported to CT, MRI as well as procedures being done at the bedside. Sarah was always available to help transport, re-stock procedure or bedside carts, not to mention being so supportive to those around her. We had multiple nurses, but only 1 care tech. Sarah was amazing. She never complains she is always gracious, and she is always available to help. She never says she's too busy. We couldn't make this unit work without her.

​Monday, July 5th was another crazy day in PICU. We had around 12 kids leave to go to the floors, we also had about 7 admissions. Sarah never skipped a beat. She was there to help get kids up to the floor, she was cleaning and re-stocking getting ready to accept another patient, all whilst still doing her main duties in the unit. Sarah is always pleasant and willing to help out wherever she can and is a valued member of the PICU! She keeps patients and families happy by providing whatever they need and makes sure the unit and procedure carts are stocked and ready for anything. We couldn't do our jobs without her!