15:06 PM

Peak Performer: Stefanie Perry Charles

site administrator, Walsh Multispecialty


Stefanie was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is her nomination letter.

STEFANIE PERRY-CHARLES PhotoAs our manager, Stefanie demonstrates integrity and kindness no matter the adversity.

We had a confused and unstable gentleman walk into the Walsh clinic talking in circles about people following him and he felt in danger. Because of where we are located, response time is low from local law enforcement. Stefanie remained calm, made sure any and all patients were moved to the back of the clinic and not in the lobby. She helped keep the man calm by speaking to him in a measured voice, offering him water and crackers. She also made sure all patients were to leave out the back and come in through the back to keep them safe. Stefanie kept the man relaxed until the police came about 40 minutes later.

Going above and beyond for us, Stefanie will sit at the front desk to help out when we are slammed. Since we are multi-specialty, we have Ortho, Physical Therapy and Primary Care Physician patients to check in and out along with answering multiple calls. Stefanie doesn’t ask if we need help, she takes the initiative to jump in and answer calls along with checking in and out for us when it’s needed. She is the definition of a team player.