15:57 PM

Peak Performer: Sulav Sigdel

senior epic business intelligence developer, IS-Epic


Sulazv was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is his nomination letter

SULAV SIGDEL PhotoSulav was assigned to create a new set of reports for a new provider management software, Network Management, post-implementation. There were several challenges. The software was non-Epic software and brand new replacing a previous homegrown one, which means nobody had domain expertise using this software. Also the reporting needs were identified after go-live and some business processes had to be duplicated for quality control until the reports can be available. So the deadline was tight and pressure was high. Sulav took a deep dive and learned the business processes and workflows, and worked with the customers tirelessly to create, test and validated the suite of reports. The timely delivery saved the customers from an extended period of duplicated work. Sulav’s work was of high quality and earned trust from our customers. His ability to learn new things within limited time has proven to be instrumental to our team.

Tapestry State report is a regulatory report that Sulav was pulled into work on right before the State due date. During the Tapestry implementation, there were dozens of regulatory reports and one of them could not pass validation by the business owners. If the report cannot be signed off and submitted to the State by the deadline, our Health Plan would face corrective action plans and even further liquidated damages. Sulav was assigned to find the issues and fix them 2 days before the deadline, as the last resort. Working around the clock to comb through the requirements provided by the State, Sulav did not give up. He worked with business owners to identify discrepancies and finalized the report on time. Sulav’s attention to details was crucial to the success of this report as well as the implementation of Tapestry project.