12:28 PM

Peak Performer: Tina Garcia

Executive Assistant III, PN Administration


Tina was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

tina garciaIn October, Tina Garcia had to conduct the CCPN Primary Care Town Hall Zoom webinar due to the unexpected illness of the Assistant to the CCPN President. Being a new employee, Tina had no prior knowledge of how a CCPN Town Hall was run or how to even work the equipment in the Hochberger Auditorium. Tina worked with IT and Media Services to quickly learn the equipment and then assisted training the speakers on how to advance slides and use the pointer. More than once during the show she assisted when there were problems with the slide presentation. Her commitment to provide outstanding quality and service resulted in an outstanding CCPN Primary Care Town Hall. Tina was willing to step up to the bat, take on a responsibility she knew nothing about and knocked it out of the ballpark. 

Another example of Tina going above and beyond her day to day job duties was during the June retirement of our beloved CCPN President Dr. Britt Nelson. Tina notice that the Hochberger had not been vacuumed and the floors still need to be cleaned. She took it upon herself to hunt down a vacuum cleaner and personally vacuumed Hochberger.  Her efforts insured that the room was in perfect condition for Dr. Nelson and his guests. These are just two examples of how Tina goes above and beyond her day to day job responsibilities to provide excellent service to CCPN. I can never express enough my gratitude for her willingness to always be a Peak Performer.