12:37 PM

Peak Performer: Treva Badger, PA

PA, Pediatric Surgery/Trauma


Treva was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

TREVA BADGER, PA PhotoTreva's commitment to excellent quality, safety AND service was absolutely phenomenal recently. We had a surgical patient family on our medical floor that should have left the previous day but were waiting on home supplies and equipment. An outside home health company delivered the supplies on this day, but it was all of the wrong equipment. The parents were highly frustrated and flustered. When they received the boxes of medical supplies and equipment, Treva returned (for a 3rd time) to provide discharge teaching. She immediately came to the bedside to repeat the education for the family. Once the outside home health company was notified that they brought the wrong equipment for the family, Treva took on the role of case manager, and bedside RN and through all of her troubleshooting, she was able to have the home health company come back to exchange the wrong equipment for the correct items. This was definitely not Treva's job but she knew that the patient had been here an extra day inpatient because of equipment issues. Through her commitment to excellent service and quality, Treva took on this challenge and got the patient and family taken care of in a timely manner.

Once the correct equipment had been delivered, and the patient was ready to leave, there were MANY things happening on the unit and the bedside RN was not available to go over the AVS, and get discharge vital signs. Treva showed up and volunteered to go over the AVS, and she even got vital signs for this patient. She knew that this patient and her family had a less than ideal experience, for reasons that we couldn't control. However, to prevent any further delay, Treva jumped in willingly to discharge this patient when it was definitely not her job. She knew she could help get the patient out and she didn't hesitate to do it. 

We are so grateful for people like Treva who are willing to provide exceptional quality service and go above and beyond their regular job description to take such incredible care of patients, families and our staff. She is so deserving of being recognized as a PEAK Performer!