13:19 PM

Peak Performer: Vanessa Whitman

IT Business Analyst, Info Services


Vanessa was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

vanessa whitmanVanessa handles processing of all Telecom area invoices - we have over 300 accounts that she does this for. Several months ago, the manager over the Telecom area left and Vanessa realized that many of the outstanding items this person was responsible for were not done. Vanessa decided to add the task of getting rate reviews and changes initiated for several accounts. This was very time consuming and required her to work extra hours even though this was not her responsibility.

She also tackled the very large task of getting charges that were not supposed to be invoiced to us removed. It has taken the large Telecom companies - AT&T & Verizon - several months to put the correct revisions in place and issue credits for both of these areas. The cost for all of these services for the entire organization posts to the IS Cost Center. The Telecom services including phone service, internet & data usually average over $400,000 per month. For the last 2 months - we have seen the credits finally roll in and the savings have been tremendous - this is all because Vanessa tirelessly worked to make it happen. She is to be commended for her hard work and definitely going above and beyond to step in and take on additional responsibility on her own initiative.