12:29 PM

Peak Performer: Vickie Gray

Front Office Lead, PN Multi Specialty Administration


Vickie was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Vicki GrayVickie truly goes above and beyond in her role!  Recently, there was a document that the UCC Leadership team uses often, it has historical data that is often referenced.  Due to an unknown IT issue, it completely disappeared. Vickie worked tirelessly to recover this document, she worked with IT for many hours, including on the weekend.  Once it was officially determined to be unrecoverable, Vickie reached out to many resources to recollect all of the data. Due to Vickie's hard work and perseverance, the leadership team has the information that we need and Vickie worked with IT to ensure safe guards are in place to prevent it from disappearing again.

Vickie does an amazing job with a project. She takes her projects very seriously and provides efficient, thorough and accurate results. Vickie has been extremely helpful with a Cash Drawer Project, Open Encounters, Missing Charges and a wide variety of topics that come up. Vickie can research anything any truly get to the source of what is occurring.  The UCC Leadership Team is incredibly thankful for all of her hard work.