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Peak Performers: Fourth Quarter (July-September 2021)

Celebrate Our Peak Performers

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The latest quarterly Peak Performers

Each quarter, the monthly Peak Performers are celebrated at a special reception held in their honor. Due to the need for social distancing during this time of the COVID-19 crisis, a reception may not be possible but that is no reason we can't celebrate these deserving people for their work and accomplishments.

Please join us in congratulating all of the following Peak Performers for July through September 2021. 

Want to send a special congratulations to any of these winners? You can easily do so with one of our Ecards that are available here.

Here are Peak Performer recipients. Click to learn more. 



Jennifer Asamoah- Denials and Appeals Coordinator, Care Management Utilization

Jane Bates- LVN, PCP Keller

Emily Bohon- LVN, PCP Burleson

Jennifer Cabrera-Continuing Professional Development Coordinator

LaTrice Carter-Practice/Program Manager I, Neighborhood Clinic-Miller

Brittany Collins-Cook-Harris Social Worker, Case Management

Samantha Crossnoe-Executive Assistant II, HH Administration

Joe Darr- Diagnostic Radiology Extern, Radiology

Amber Delval-Clinical Coordinator I, RN, Infusion Center

Holly Erwin-Virtual Health Nurse Coordinator, LVN, Telemedicine

Sophia Garza- Clinic Nurse, RN, Abilene Specialty Clinic

Nina Gonzales- Clinical Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy

Kim Kimberling- Manager, Population Health, Population Health Management

Sarah Kittrell- Patient Care Technician, PICU

Sandra Lassiter-Front Office Lead, Mansfield Facility

Lina Leal- Senior Marketing Specialist, Global Health Services

Terri Ledebuhr-Lead, Supply Chain Inventory/Distribution, Central Supply

Crystie Lidster- Medical Receptionist II, Denton Multispecialty 

Erin Loftus- Child Life Specialist, Child Life

Dao Mai- Cook II, Restaurant

Natalie Mangels- Regional Clinical Coordinator, FW UCC

Zoila Martinez – Patient Care Technician, 4Main

Judith Matlick-Respiratory Therapist, CRT, Respiratory

Jayna Meyer- Mobile Respirator Mask Fit Tech, Occupational Health

Laura Moneymaker- UM/ECM- RN Reviewer, Care Management Utilization

Janice Nieland- Practice/Program Manager I, PCP Legacy

Karina Osorio- Practice Administrator I, Genetics

Tristan Renfroe- Student Pharmacist, Pharmacy

Marissa Renteria –Clinical Nurse, RN, Hematology/Oncology Clinic

 Kimberly Richardson- Speech Pathologist-IP Advanced, Rehab- DT FW

Alyssa Slavin- Internal Staffing, RN, Admin-Nursing

Cara Smith –Hand Therapy Program Coordinator, Rehab South FW

Deborah Tallant-Supervisor, Utilization Management, RN, Care Management Utilization

Sondra Tatum- LVN, PCP Keller

Christi Tennison- Clinical Coordinator, LVN, Dermatology

Adrian Turner-Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy

Erika Tyree-Security Lead Officer, Security

Aylich Vazquez Rivera- Patient Access Specialist, Developmental Peds/CSC

Cassidy Ware-Senior Epic Application System Analyst, IS Epic

Brittaney Wiolland-Epic Application System Analyst, IS Epic