12:40 PM

Peak Performers: Jodi Jones

Radiographer, Hurst UCC


Jodi was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Jodi J. Jodi is a radiology tech working at the Hurst Urgent Care Center. Since the temporary closure of Hurst UCC in August, Jodi has been sent to the Prosper Urgent Care Clinic to assist with our patients. However, since we don’t need two radiology techs during our shift, she is assigned to other duties within the facility to assist with patient volumes.  Jodi cleans rooms and runs our POCT labs for patients in our clinic. Our patient volumes have greatly increased and we have been creative with ways to improve our staffing situation. The assistance Jodi provides allows our clinical staff more time to assist with patients by freeing their time from running their POCT labs and has made a huge impact on the mental and physical load we are asking of our clinical team. Jodi has taken on this task even with the additional increase in POCT testing from the COVID lab tests at the UCCs.

Jodi comes to our clinic for her three shifts each week since she is unable to work at her home location. Most staff do not like floating to other locations, especially for every shift for more than 6 weeks; even less when they are being reassigned to duties outside of their regular work. Jodi comes in with a positive attitude and truly has made a positive impact on our clinical staff. The additional assistance with any task is welcomed by our team and they all have expressed the positive impact she’s made to our team during these difficult times. I truly feel Jodi deserves recognition for her outstanding assistance and attitude - she truly is a Peak Performer.