12:32 PM

Peak Performers: Michelle Hertel

Practice Administrator I, Ortho Clinic


Michelle was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

michelle hertelMichelle has taken on the additional role of Practice Administrator for our newly opened Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology department, which opened in February. By August, we were facing a dire staffing crisis with 2 of our 3 employees leaving on short notice. Michelle has not only continued her duties as the Practice Administrator for both Orthopedics and Gynecology, she has also stepped into the role of Medical Receptionist at the GYN clinic for the past several months. She’s worked evenings and weekends to ensure no piece of her job dropped. Through her hard work, the patients at the GYN clinic have been well taken care of throughout this time.

Michelle has created work flows, processes and guidelines for all the staff at the GYN Clinic to ensure they are properly onboarded and successfully trained. She is extremely detail oriented and makes sure there is nothing missed in her processes. Each employee coming on board receives a detailed training plan to ensure they are moving through their on-boarding and orientation successfully!  She is a rock star and so greatly appreciated by her teams.