12:29 PM

Performance Reviews Move to Common Date Beginning in 2024

If you’re used to having your annual performance review tied to the anniversary of your hire date, get ready for a change.

Cook Children’s is moving to a common date review cycle for most of the 9,000 employees in our health care System. The new performance and development process will be implemented next fall 2024, replacing the phased-out PACE system. No matter your start date, employees will now have their performance reviews in the fall every year going forward.

Physicians and Child Study Center teachers are exceptions.  Teachers’ review dates will remain in May.  

Many companies have already made the switch to common date reviews. By moving to the same evaluation time period at Cook Children’s, we’ll be better able to measure the performance of our employees against the same fiscal year system goals and initiatives.

The common date cycle also provides a structure of consistency as leaders assess employees in the same job code/role. Top performers will be more easily and fairly identified – and recognized accordingly.

Here a few practical advantages to a common date review cycle:

  • Prompt administration of salary increases
  • Better budgeting and cost control
  • Alignment with our goals and objectives as a system
  • Condensing the process into a short timeframe rather than going all year long

Watch for more information as we get ready to roll out the system. Stay tuned!