11:19 AM

Physicians Honored for Work on FY23 CCMC Clinical Unit QAPI Teams

We would like to recognize fourteen doctors who took on the role of Quality Assurance and Process Improvement (QAPI) physician champions for twelve of our clinical units in fiscal year 2023.

“I am privileged to be on 3 Pavilion QAPI team," said Dr. Randa Razzouk. “It has been an amazing experience. The collaboration between 3 Pavilion staff, physician’s engagement, and leadership’s investment in quality fostered many QI projects. I believe those projects are crucial to provide excellent patients care, to elevate patients experience, to honor Cook Children's promise, and to ensure professional satisfaction. The monthly meetings allow us to review the unit’s data and provide opportunities for improvement. This month, we celebrated as a one-year CLABSI-free unit. Every month we celebrate a safety star. We appreciate and we are grateful for every member of 3 Pavilion staff. We are looking forward to keeping the energy going and the projects flowing.”

Each of the physicians attended monthly meetings to partner with clinical unit’s leadership, bedside staff, and unit and hospital quality.  In the meetings the physician champions helped review quality and culture outcomes as well as collaborate and develop timely improvement efforts.

“Working with my QAPI Team has allowed me to better understand how these errors and deficiencies occur,” said Dr. Paul Thornton. “To date we have identified the causes of several problems and been able to improve outcomes in those areas by targeted interventions.”

As a result of these ongoing QAPI meetings in fiscal year 2023, Cook Children's Medical Center experienced a reduction in patient and employee harm events, an increased number of safety coaches, improved recognition of bedside staff for safety efforts and better collaboration between physicians and nursing staff.

The physician champions include Dr. Kyle Brown, Dr. Jay Duncan, Dr. Donald Beam, Dr. Gretchen Eames, Dr. Sami Hadeed, Dr. Cynthia Keator, Dr. Robert Loar, Dr. Darryl Miao, Dr. Saideepa Murali Dr. Randa Razzouk, Dr. Laquatre Rhodes Dr. Deborah Schutte, Dr. Erik Templeton, Dr. Paul Thornton, and Dr. John Uffman.