16:52 PM

Reading, writing and rubber boots? Flooding at the Child Study Center

Child Study Center Monday Flood

A 30-inch water main broke in downtown Fort Worth, and the water rushed into the Child Study Center. The break caused flooding in several offices and classrooms but Cook Children's team members quickly responded and ensured that there were no interruptions to classes and appointments.

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to clean up and keep things running smoothly. We appreciate your help in making sure that the Child Study Center is a safe and fun place for kids to learn and grow.

A big round of applause:

• Child Study Center staff 
• Security 
• Insurance 
• Construction 
• Facilities 
• Administration 

We captured some video that shows the water gushing from the pipe, and the work by employees and a crew from Linebeck to vacuum, clean and dry the area.