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Spotlight on Elisha Soto


Elisha Soto

For Elisha Soto, CMA, Cook Children's is more than where she works—it's where she found her second home and family. 

“Cook Children’s is a great organization for many different reasons, but the best thing is the staff members I get to work with,” she says. “My team at CCPN Granbury is unmatchable.”

As a certified medical assistant at Cook Children’s Pediatrics in Granbury, Elisha serves as a jack of all trades in primary care.

“I can do a little of everything, but patient care is my passion and what I get out of bed to do every day,” she says.

Elisha’s work and passion illustrate that when it comes to whole-family health care, we’re all in it together.

“Cook Children’s has kids’ best interests at the core of everything we stand for,” she says. “From our emergency department to our specialists to primary care, we work for and listen to the children.”

Elisha has firsthand experience to back up that statement. When her youngest son was three years old, he became very sick and was sent to the Cook Children’s Emergency Department.

“From the moment I walked through those doors, I felt at peace and at home,” she says.

Her positive experience with her son is what encouraged her to work at Cook Children’s, and in her role, she continues to pay it forward during every patient visit.

She is inspired by her patients and says one of the biggest lessons she has learned in her six years working at Cook Children’s is that the most stressful and frustrating moments can melt away with a patient who knows, loves and trusts her.

“At Cook Children’s I found my work home, my work family and the perfect place to continue doing what I love every day!”

And that is what makes us proud to say #WeAreCookChildrens.