15:58 PM

Spotlight on Kat Davitt and Chanel


Kat Davitt, a child life specialist on the inpatient Hematology/Oncology floor, and her four-legged partner, Chanel, have worked together at Cook Children's for more than eight years. But Kat herself will be celebrating her 28th anniversary at Cook Children's in October 2022!

“I love the magic of working with the dogs. I love it,” Kat said. “It makes my job more fun and it makes my job a lot easier. I always say I feel like I'm cheating because she does a lot of the initial relationship building for me.”

Kat and Chanel are able to build magic and trust with the patients and families they work with, who are often some of the sickest and most vulnerable children in the medical center. Together, Kat and Chanel encourage patients to get up and move around the unit to stay mobile and take Chanel for a walk. But Chanel is also available for cuddle sessions and to bring warmth to those in bed. 

“When families interact with our facility dogs, it brings something so normal to them," Kat said. “I just had a family telling me that their kids always hoped for a big dog. And I was able to say ‘now you have one at the hospital.’ And that is definitely how people think of her, is as their hospital dog.” 

You can learn more about Cook Children's #erasekidcancer campaign here.