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Spotlight on Myranda Smith


Myranda Smith

Cook Children’s Medical Center feels like a big family welcoming you with open arms, says Myranda Smith, patient access specialist.

Serving as the first point of contact in the Dodson Specialty Clinic, Myranda understands the value of creating a comforting and supportive environment for patients and parents.

“When a new patient comes into registration, I have the opportunity to showcase who Cook Children’s is,” Myranda says. “I may be the very first employee that family is going to interact with, so I get to show them what our organization is about and make them feel at home. Every day I love to make that initial interaction the best that it can be.”

Because of her compassion and determination to help others, Myranda excels in the art of caring as she facilitates the patient registration flow. Beginning with her very first conversation with a patient, Myranda creates a welcoming atmosphere and helps fulfill Cook Children’s Promise to improve the health of every child through prevention and treatment of illness, disease and injury.

Myranda attributes her consoling and compassionate approach to life and others her upbringing. Asked who her hero is, she answers, “My dad,” without hesitation.

“He sets the bar high as an example for taking care of your family and others, and working really hard to provide. That has stuck out to me for my entire life.”

Through her work, Myranda ensures every family feels the comfort and support she has felt working at Cook Children’s. She proves that every employee at Cook Children’s is a member of a team who can make a difference in each patient’s experience.

When we all share Myranda’s approach to work and life, it’s easy for us to proudly say #WeAreCookChildrens.