09:50 AM

Team Peak Performers: COVID Drive-thru/Lab- Medical Center


The COVID Drive-thru/Lab are Team Peak Performer recipients for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Quietly, behind the parking garage on Humbolt Street, a team of Lab Medical Assistants has endured all kinds of weather for about a year performing COVID testing in COVID drive-thru. As I walked from the ROB to the Medical Center I would see people in cars and trucks waiting their turn. The line was never long and proceeded quickly. However, with the increase of the Delta variant and allowing for walk-up testing, the call was made for volunteers to assist. Our team answered that call. Each COVID Drive-Thru team member is more than gracious to have “new” people join their team even for just a few hours. They patiently mentor staff, as some learn the routine in Epic. They quickly lend a hand if one of us has an unruly child not wanting to be swabbed. And they keep the line of cars moving WITH A SMILE.

Customer service is fantastic. This team works together as a seamless as a well-tuned car. With the advent of walk-up appointments, they quickly adapt to accommodate. Amanda ensures the team has everything they need to do their job well. Though each day they are assigned a specific role, they do not hesitate to jump in to help each other. This is no simple task: doffing PPE, performing hand hygiene, then donning a new gown, mask (over their N-95), and gloves after each car. And when the temperature-humidity index is 100+, putting on gloves is no easy task. If a family has not registered, not a problem, they politely provide the phone number. If one of the two lines starts to back up, they do not hesitate to assist to ensure that line is moving. Each family is greeted with a smile. This team makes working the COVID drive-thru not only rewarding but fun. I thoroughly enjoy working with this outstanding group of people and can’t think of any team more deserving than this one to be named a Peak Performing team.