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Team Peak Performers: Dodson Pharmacy Technicians


The Dodson Pharmacy Technicians are Team Peak Performer recipients for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is their nomination letter.

Team Peak PerformerThe Dodson pharmacy technician team is a great example of a Peak Performer team.

Our satellite pharmacy currently is having some issues with our filters and have had to relocate in the meantime to make chemo and hazardous medications. This has put a strain on our team because of staffing issues, as they are required to split the team up daily and work partially in central pharmacy and partially in Dodson pharmacy. The team rotates daily on who will work in central to safely make our medications but also transport it back to the unit in a timely manner. The technician that is a runner is responsible from taking medications from central pharmacy in the basement main tower, all the way to Dodson infusion center, and other areas of the hospital. This requires multiple trips of running back and forth daily. The workload is heavier some days than others and requires delivering to several areas of the hospital. Not to mention having to transport supplies daily to make the medications. The team as a whole has taken on this challenge and deserves recognition for all their hard work during this difficult time.

Another example of how wonderful the Dodson pharmacy technician team is that they have been helping the Grapevine clinic prep their chemo medications while that facility was down and making repairs. They took on additional patients and worked together to make those medications so our kiddos at Grapevine were able to continue to get their treatments close to home, instead of having to come to the Medical Center.

The Dodson pharmacy team embodies the Cook Children’s Promise and put the needs of our patients first, despite any challenges, or schedule changes. I am so honored to work closely to an amazing group of technicians every day.