13:34 PM

Team Peak Performers: Hospitalist APPs


The Hospitalist APPs are Team Peak Performer recipients for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is their nomination letter.

Team Peak PerformerOur hospitalist APP team will frequently go above and beyond what is needed. They assist our service in the admission of patients to the Medical Center and tirelessly continue to admit patients throughout their shift, frequently upwards of 12-15 admissions per shift. They are always attentive to the needs of the group as well as their patients and, quite honestly, our hospitalist service just would not be able to function without their support. They are great team players and work as colleagues and friends within our hospitalist service. This Hospitalist APP team is led by Cortney Akins, PAC, and Kandy Beese, NP, and both of these supervisors and their team are all excellent. 

They work cohesively as a team to cover all shifts needed for the Hospitalist service. Throughout the challenges of the pandemic, they continued to staff the service and were always helpful throughout all the changes and stressful times. They are accountable, flexible and have excellent clinical skills. The entire Hospitalist team appreciates the way they care for the patients and families, their commitment to the service and their friendship.

This team has great clinical acumen and has diagnosed some rare findings, recognized patients that need more acute care and attention - whether socially or physically - and has excellent communication skills. This team works days, nights, and weekends. They are always willing to help the nursing staff and the hospitalist physicians. We appreciate their help and outstanding teamwork.