11:33 AM

Team Peak Performers: Mansfield Primary Care Team


The Mansfield Primary Care Team are Team Peak Performer recipients for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is their nomination letter.

Team Peak PerformerThe Mansfield Primary Care (PC) office continues to go above and beyond for Cook Children’s Physician Network (CCPN) each and every day without hesitation. They have an amazing team from clerical to clinical staff members. Whenever CCPN Clinical Operations reaches out to them for assistance, they always answer the call.

The Mansfield team has especially shown support with COVID kits. CCPN clin-ops perform weekly COVID Point of Care Testing (POCT) counts throughout their 39 Primary Care locations. There are many times when clinics let their kits get too close to expiring and will not be able to utilize them prior to expiration. These kits are very expensive and cost approximately a thousand dollars per kit. On many, many occasions clin-ops has reached out to the Mansfield team when getting close to the point of expiration to see if they would be willing to quickly utilize the kits for other clinics prior to expiration so the clinics would not take a financial loss. They have been able to utilize each and every test each and every time we have called upon them for help. In doing so, they have saved fellow CCPN clinics thousands and thousands of dollars in what would have been a devastating financial blow to them, especially since costs have already increased across the board due to COVID.

The Mansfield PC office has also generously agreed to take on the task of training several clinical new hire employees in their office. This provides our new hires with on-site training, which includes rooming patients, triage, lab POCT/procedure training, and EPIC documentation. This training is vital to our new hires and CCPN pool staff that would be very limited in their training and may not be able to obtain due to not having a home clinic or not having a licensed nurse or preceptor in their clinic to train them. Mansfield PC always steps up for CCPN and does it with smiles on their faces and without hesitation.