14:47 PM

Team Peak Performers: McCart Neighborhood Clinic Receptionists


The McCart Neighborhood Clinic Receptionists are Team Peak Performer recipients for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is their nomination letter.

Team Peak PerformerThe McCart NHC Receptionists are always going above and beyond. They are excellent multi-taskers, which is one of the top teamwork skills for them. They all strive for the best and keep patients as the highest priority.

There are multiple reasons to nominate them: McCart succeeded with the highest numbers for Mychart activations, the highest numbers of Immtrac registrations, and they had the highest volume of calls answered with fewer missed calls. When any task is given/expected, the McCart Receptionists get it done effortlessly.

The McCart Receptionists worked at other clinics when those locations were short-staffed. They volunteered their time off on weekends to help the MA's get caught up with forms that were high in volume during the pandemic and also volunteered during Covid vaccine clinics on the weekends. This team helped train new receptionists from other clinics.

The McCart Receptionists stay busy and never give up during stressful and difficult times – always Si Se Puede attitude! Their ability to work together as a team to promote excellent patient care and professionalism is outstanding. They follow protocols for NHC scheduling guidelines at all times and strive their best to help out all of their patients/families. They absolutely love what they do - it's not only a "job" it’s their home away from home. McCart Receptionists are here to fulfill the Cook Children's Promise, and do it with integrity and respect.