13:15 PM

Team Peak Performers: Rehabilitation Pre-Cert and Scheduling Team


The Rehabilitation Pre-Cert and Scheduling Team are Team Peak Performer recipients for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is their nomination letter.

Team Peak PerformerThe centralized Pre-Cert and Scheduling teams are vitally important to the central operations for Rehabilitation Services. Without their detailed work and attention to detail, we would not be able to successfully see the volume of patients that we do. For over a month, this very cohesive and dedicated team has functioned without a lead or direct supervisor. This could obviously lead to drift and a breakdown of workflows on many teams with regard to scheduling and authorization of visits; however, this team has continued to show up every day, complete their work without delay, support the providers, and ensure our patients are returning for the much-needed treatment they need with little oversight. The strong work ethic of each member of this team and their dedication to our Promise behind the scenes each and every day is what makes them excellent.

We have recently had a change in EPIC trainers for our team. There was a request for observation of workflows by the EPIC training team in an effort to better support Rehab. Normally, this training workflow would be supported by our Pt Access Supervisor position; however, that position has been open. During the absence of a direct supervisor, this team stepped up and followed an observation and training schedule set by their manager and reviewed all pertinent workflows for Rehab with the new trainer in an effort to educate and advocate for their team moving forward with upgrades and ensure the unique Rehab workflow is accounted for when bigger system changes are made. I am so proud of this team and their professionalism. Sharing their ideas and workflows ensures Rehab has a voice and seat at the table when upgrading efficiencies within the EPIC system, thus making the workflow process better for our patients and families.