11:40 AM

Team Peak Performers: STAR Kids Service Coordination Preceptor and Mentor Team


The STAR Kids Service Coordination Preceptor and Mentor Team are Team Peak Performer recipients for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is their nomination letter.

Team Peak PerformerIn the past year, the STAR Kids program has endured many changes including countless updates to existing processes. This program is heavy on contractual requirements, which adds a higher level of complexity and requires a person to be highly detailed and organized to stay afloat on our many required metrics. To do this, we rely heavily on our preceptors and mentors to help, not only with supporting new employees but also by guiding our more tenured employees so they can be successful in their job.

I am honored to say that our preceptors and mentors are committed to the success of the overall team and the STAR Kids program. They have shown outstanding collaboration, flexibility, reliability, and resiliency. These team members have their own caseloads that they are responsible for, yet they work extra hours reviewing their peers' service plans to make sure we are capturing the required metrics and staying compliant. We have improved our overall compliance with our service plans by 13% over the last year.

In addition, they also assist with the onboarding of new employees and play an instrumental role in the success of our newer service coordinators. The preceptors organize months of training and shadowing and our mentors jump in to shadow and teach however they are needed. We owe the success of our team to our preceptors and mentors and their exemplary teamwork!