15:04 PM

Team Peak Performers: UCC APP Supervisors


The UCC APP Supervisors are Team Peak Performer recipients for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is their nomination letter.

Team Peak PerformerThe Urgent Care Centers (UCC) Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) Supervisors are three distinct and unique leaders who come together for one leadership vision and approach. They lead a large department of UCC APPs. While they each have direct reports, they lead collaboratively and all of the UCC APPs know they will get a consistent answer between all three. They communicate often and transparently with their team, whether it is via e-mail, in a meeting or in person. They go above and beyond to ensure that their team has received information.

The Urgent Care locations have been significantly impacted by provider staffing. Both in August and December the UCC experienced a significant patient volume increase due to the surge in Covid-19 positivity. The Urgent Care daily volume increased from around 600 patients a day to over 1000 patients a day. This time also resulted in a greater than typical amount of call-ins and quarantines.

Through the teamwork and creativity of the APP Supervisors, UCC locations were covered for providers. The APP Supervisors were continuously working on covering staffing needs and all of them were going in often to cover those needs personally. They go above and beyond to ensure the UCCs have the staffing support they need to care for patients!