15:22 PM

Team Peak Performers: Utilization Management Team


The Utilization Management Team are Team Peak Performer recipients for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is their nomination letter.

Team Peak PerformerThe outpatient team in the Health Plan’s Utilization Management department has shown such commitment to servicing our members during a time of short staffing for various reasons, including staff outages and four vacancies from a team of 12.

They have worked over their standard 40-hour workweek to ensure our turnaround times are met and our members get the services they need. With the various staff extended outages for personal reasons they offered comfort and inspiration and provided for some of those personal needs as well. I would have to say this team works more like a family than co-workers. I am in awe of their commitment to our members and each other.

During this time of increased volume and staffing shortages, we were able to replace two of our vacancies. This required pulling one staff member from production to precept both new hires at the same time. That caused the team to absorb even more of the load, move to assignments not used to and stay on an assignment that normally rotates. Again I am in awe of their resilience. They are the best example of teamwork I have seen and worked with!