14:11 PM

Thankful for You

By Pam Foster , Director of Spiritual Care

The warm weather this fall has caused lots of folks to feel thankful. They are the ones who moved to Texas because of the warm climate. The lack of cooler weather has challenged other folks because, “It doesn’t feel like Fall!” What are your preferences? Warmer? Cooler? Because we all are unique individuals we have unique preferences. Vaccines or no? Booster shots or not? These distinctive characteristics allow diversity that brings breadth and depth to relationships and interactions. At the same time, the identical characteristics create opportunity for friction and challenges. Which of us has not experienced that kind of conflict?

It is easy to feel thankful and express it when we are not faced with conflict or challenges. Yet, our challenges may be someone else’s gift. How do you navigate these differences with those you encounter? As you reflect on all the things about which you are thankful perhaps you could also reflect on how others around you see these same things. Do you love a busy day that seems to pass so quickly or do you enjoy a leisurely pace with breaks during your day? Do you love new challenges or are you someone who prefers the expected every day? Perhaps you love turkey while the others in your circle must have roast beef!

In this season of thankfulness, I am grateful for you and the unique gifts you offer that make up our whole. We are richer, fuller, deeper, and wider because we all are here together.

Happy Thanksgiving week,