10:05 AM

The People's Choice Awards for Halloween Hoopla

Halloween Hoopla isn't just a fond memory. We still have some awards to hand out to the participants who sent in their pictures from throughout the system. We asked for your votes in our last newsletter and you responded with more than 800 votes. We were also honored to hear from our patients who voted for their favorites. Here are the results ...

The Patients' Choice Awards:

  • Individual Costumes (Tied): Alice in Wonderland (Taylor Uselton) and Mary Poppins (Katie Bourland)
  • Small-Group Costumes: Scooby-Doo & Friends (Child Life Zone)
  • Large-Group Costumes: Ghost Town (Hurst UCC)
  • Skit: Mario Kart (Construction)

The Employees' Choice Awards:

  • Individual Costumes: Clippy (Cherie Price)
  • Small-Group Costumes: Willy Wonka (Cook Children's Pediatrics, Lewisville)
  • Large-Group Costumes: Sesame Street (Dodson Reg.)
  • Skit: Mario Kart (Construction)

Thank you to everyone who participated this year. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.