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The Surgical Team that Made History at Cook Children's

surgery teamWe want to recognize the incredible team that made Monday's landmark surgery a success. This team collaborated together to perform the first separation of conjoined twins, JamieLynn and AmieLynn, in our history. Be sure to let them know you are proud of them.

  • Chandra Reynolds, M.D., lead anesthesiologist
  • Cole Carrillo, CRNA, lead CRNA

Team A (JamieLynn)

  • Jose Iglesias, M.D., primary surgeon
  • Daniel Lodwick, M.D., first assistant
  • Ben Gbulie, M.D., plastic surgeon 
  • Syma Monzales, RN, Coordinator
  • Sarah Shaabani, RN
  • Darrell Wortham, CST
  • Claudia Hernandez, CST
  • Imad Yamout, M.D., anesthesiologist
  • Michael Gonzalez, CRNA
  • Raul Guerrero, anesthesia technician

Team B (Amie Lynn

  • Marty Knott, D.O., primary surgeon
  • Chad Hamner, M.D., first assistant
  • Eric Hubli, M.D., plastic surgeon
  • Sarah Doyle, RN, coordinator
  • Kristen Cherry, RN
  • Brittney Fuentes, CST
  • Tania Gonzales, CST
  • Dr. Gavin Fine, M.D., anesthesiologist
  • Paul Downing, CRNA
  • Daniel Jones, anesthesia technician

Team C (backup on standby)

  • Hailey Hanson, RN
  • Jamie Gomez, RN
  • Rosa Leos, RNFA
  • Diana Bravo, CST


  • Chad Barber, M.D.
  • Mary Frances Lynch, M.D.
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Brittany DB Smith
Great work team!! A monumental surgery and success story. So happy to be a part of this organization and proud of your diligence in studying and devoting your time to ensuring the best possible outcome for these babies.
Maricela Ramos
Such an incredible opportunity to witness a miracle performed by this team of talented and courageous individuals that personify what Cook Children's stands for. I am honored to be a part of an organization that has the capability to meet the plethora of diverse needs of our patient families. Thank you all for
Congratulations, Team. I feel privileged to work with such talented and caring people. Cook Children's is an outstanding organization.
Shout out to the Pharmacy Department for their support of the girls during their stay, especially on surgery day.

Special thanks to NICU Pharmacy Specialist Dr. Kimberly Tobin, PharmD and NICU Pharmacist Dr. Jacob Hall, PharmD for researching and creating unique medication dosing strategies in preparation for anesthesia medications for pain/sedation, antibiotics, emergency code medications, etc.
Special shout out the OR Pharmacy team of pharmacist and technicians for carefully reviewing, preparing and distributing many of the critical medication needed to help make surgery go smoothly and be a major success.
Carmen Landry - Audiology
Holy Moly! What an incredible surgery to be a part of here at Cook. I am so proud of everyone involved especially the Anesthesia team I get to work with on the regular. There is no other place I would being my own children to in their times of medical need.
Congratulations on this amazing group project, A+!
Abby Rychlik
Watching y'all work brought me to tears! I have never been SO PROUD to be an operating room nurse and LOVE the work that y'all do daily to serve our patients. Thank you for each moment you took to ensure safety for the patients and the staff. Thank you for the countless hours of preparation and thought that went into this procedure. Thank you for the kindness in which you treated this family, these babies and each other. Y'all make me so proud - I have worked alongside many of you and I can attest that these babies truly got the BEST care. Congratulations on a job VERY well done!

Love to you all...each and every one!
Abby Rychlik
Jennifer Johnson
To the most amazing surgical team,
I can't stop crying tears of joy and gratitude for your expertise, your willingness to lay your egos aside, your unbelievable collaboration, your ability to use your specialized skills without a playbook and your desire to help these two precious girls in a highly risky situation. My heart is overflowing knowing that I get to come to work every day at Jewel Charity benefiting Cook Children's and hopefully raise a little bit of money that will help our patients. Today I am thanking and praising God for each of you! -Jennifer
We have always known that we had amazing doctors and medical professionals here at Cook Children's, now the world knows, we as employees are so proud of this and all of the work you do to keep the children that are entrusted to our hospital safe and in good health.