11:38 AM

Updated COVID Command Center Guidelines for Employees for Feb. 22, 2022

COVID-19 Updates

Currently, the community level in Tarrant County remains high (Red), however, the hospitalization rates at Cook Children’s and DFW hospitals overall has greatly reduced. We are currently averaging 15 or fewer COVID-19 patients daily, with a seven-day average positivity rate in the single digits.

In consultation with Infectious Disease and Infection Control, the COVID Command Center Team is making the following adjustments to our COVID Safety/Health protocols, which returns us to a posture which was in place prior to the impact of the omicron variant:

  • Allow meetings, tours and gatherings with a decrease in social distancing from 6 feet to 3 feet.
  • Resume physician recruitment outings.
  • Require that outside guest speakers must be vaccinated in order to come on campus. The maximum for these events is 25 attendees.
  • The only non-Cook Children’s employees allowed onsite must be here for a meeting or for training purposes.
  • We are not allowing any family members or friends onsite to visit at this time. We must still limit the number of people on campus as much as possible.
  • Allow eating and drinking in meetings and break areas with 3 feet social distancing (this does not include Camelot Court).
  • Allow employees to take their masks off while outside and be able to have walking meetings or exercise together outside without masks.
  • Resume domestic business travel on March 1, following all federal guidelines on mask wearing. Continue the pause on international business travel.
  • Maintain current visitation policy of two caregivers for inpatient and outpatient visits.
  • Finalize a saliva testing option for exempt employees. If approved, this test will be provided at our campus drive-thru location only.

Finally, we want to address the seating situation at Camelot Court. Because it’s not possible to ensure social distancing in this area and for the protection of our patients and their families, we ask that you follow these guidelines while in Camelot Court:

  • 6 feet separation of employees while eating or drinking.
  • Employees eat alone at a table.
  • Do NOT sit at a booth. These are reserved for patient families only. Please let any of your students on campus know they should not be sitting at a booth as well.

We will continue to monitor community and hospital rates related to patients and employees and recommend adjustments as conditions change.