14:07 PM

Updates to Medical Center-Fort Worth Room Reservation Process

Education and Professional Development is pleased to announce changes to the room reservation process that will improve efficiencies, enhance collaboration, and optimize appropriate use of classroom spaces. The following revised guidelines apply to reserving classroom and conference rooms in the Medical Center-Fort Worth.

1.     Scheduling template - When reserving a room, a template prompts you to provide specific details, such as location, anticipated number of participants, and date, time, and location flexibility. This information informs relocation or rescheduling options if room conflicts arise.

2.     Capacity Considerations - Large classroom spaces are in high demand. Please avoid scheduling large rooms for small groups when possible.

3.     Recurring Appointments - Before scheduling recurring appointments, requestors should thoroughly review each day of the recurring request to avoid scheduling conflicts. Recurring appointment requests containing room conflicts will be denied and the requestor will be advised to seek available space.

4.     Room Maintenance - Please be respectful of colleagues who need shared spaces throughout the day. To ensure smooth transitions for those using the space next, be sure to remove food and contact Environmental Services to remove trash bags. Please reorganize the classroom according to the diagram posted on the wall. Remember to schedule set up and clean up time.

 Thank you for helping to maximize space utilization. Please feel free to call Education and Professional Development, 682-885-4170, with any questions. 

To schedule a room reservation appointment, and read the full guidelines, find the document at the top right of this page under Downloads.