11:43 AM

Volunteer to be a High Census Partner

Emergency Department PhotoDuring this time very busy time, we are seeking employees who are willing to volunteer their time to be a High Census Partner. The purpose of the High Census Partner is to alleviate the added stress for staff when patient care needs become overwhelming to a department due to ongoing high census. The volunteer gets to:

1. Assist in completing tasks that allow staff to focus on their clinical tasks (passing out blankets, restocking supplies, etc.).

2. Engage and support patients and families in waiting rooms through activities, empathy, respite, and more.  

3. Run errands or make deliveries to keep department staff from being pulled away from clinical duties.

4. Escort patients and families to their destinations.

5. Check in and out with the supervisor where they are volunteering.

6. Report any issues or concerns to the supervisor where they are volunteering.

Volunteers are needed afternoons, evenings, and weekends. Contact Marie Howell in Volunteer Services for more information or to be added to the High Census Partner list, marie.howell@cookchildrens.org or 682-885-7452