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Warm Hearts in Winter Weather

Kindness. Generosity. Safety. Respect. Imagination. Collaboration.

The values of Cook Children's have been on full display this week throughout the system. After all, we are the people who make up our culture and make these values come to life. 

Thank you to everyone who braved the icy conditions to take care of our patients, their families and each other. 

Click below to watch a video from WFAA and view some images of this week.  Thank you to Tom Riehm, videographer and photographer for Cook Children's, and everyone who sent us photos. If you have more pictures you would like to share, email us at InternalCommunications@cookchildrens.org.



From You:

“This is my bedroom for the last two afternoons. Special Thanks to Jarrett Dawson for bringing the air mattress over to my office. It was a great help so that I could pick up overnight shifts for the OR.”

- Bridgit Fagan, CST, Surgical Services Billing Specialist

Winter Weather Submission

WFAA Video