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Welcome To Your New CookNet: The Soft Launch of Our New Site

New CookNet Demo

We are excited to share with you this first look at our new, more modern CookNet. Please remember this is the soft launch and there’s plenty of work to be done over the upcoming months.

With anything new, this is a big shift from what you’ve gotten used to over the years with our current CookNet. Take a moment to watch the video above for a guided tour, with explanations on what the new site offers and what you can expect from the new CookNet. Click here to view the site.

Here are some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions we’ve heard so far:


What do I need to do recreate my site in the new CookNet ?

We’ve also begun an FAQ. You have questions, email us at InternalCommunications@cookchildrens.org

Is the Current CookNet going away?  

No, this is a “soft launch” of the new and improved CookNet. That means that only a new homepage and new physician and occupational health sites have been built on the modernized CookNet.  Once the new homepage is live, a link will be added in the current CookNet to direct you to a new homepage with a more dynamic, sleek, and modern user experience. All links on the new homepage should direct you to back the current CookNet pages you use today.  

What will happen to the content and information I use on CookNet today?  

All current content on CookNet will remain available until further notice. The current CookNet sites and pages will coexist and still be available while the new CookNet is built over time. We will be identifying content authors to work with our transition team to learn how to create and maintain content on the new CookNet.  

Can I still create new pages or add new content to the current CookNet?  

Yes, we encourage you to continue to create and maintain content on the current CookNet site. Once a new version of the site has been implemented on the new Cooknet, the old site will remain available in a read-only mode. 

Let us hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment or question below (your name will be included) or send us an email at InternalCommunications@cookchildrens.org. More information will be coming your way in the weeks to come.

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Melodi Thomspon
I have a lot of websites in my favorite tabs currently. will those automatically transfer?
Eatmon, Lisa
Look fantastic! Love the ease of navigation. Thank you for sharing with us.
Cook Children's
Q: Is SharePoint impacted by the changes to CookNet?
A: No. SharePoint will not be impacted by the change.