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We've Refreshed Our Brand. Now What?


We know with a new brand comes new questions about what all this means. We hope to answer many of those questions here. Please continue to check this page for any updated information and if you have questions, email us at culture@cookchildrens.org.  We ask that you provide us with your work email only. (We will not be able to respond to other emails).  

What's next for the system?

We’ll be changing out the logo on signage and other materials over the next few years, so there will be a mix of our old and new logo for a while.

Should you get rid of everything that has our old logo on it? No, not everything! There’s still value in that logo and we don’t want to be wasteful.

Here’s a list of things you can keep, use or toss.

Keep or use up

  • Branded T-shirts/apparel – keep and wear as you normally would! Apparel with our new logo follows specific guidelines and Cook Children’s online store will soon have options available to order.
  • Business cards/envelopes/business papers – use your current supply, then order new ones via Exalt Printing (you must be on the network to visit). Exalt is currently updating its site to reflect the new designs.
  • Promo items/giveaways – use your current supply, then order new ones. You can work through Bob Lilly Promotions (our online store vendor). If you want to use a different vendor, please start the logo request process noted here (you must be on the network to visit).
  • One sheets/patient handouts/forms/collateral – use your current supply, then order new ones. Your Marketing team can help with revising your pieces to reflect the refreshed identity, but please be patient. Certain projects will need to take priority for the system.

Let it go

  • Digital templates, such as in Word or PowerPoint, with the former logo. The Word templates will be loaded soon. To access the new Cook Children’s PowerPoint template, just open PowerPoint, then:  
    • Click “New.”
    • Click “Shared.”
    • Click “Branded General Documents” folder.
  • Any e-signature in Outlook with the old logo/awards/design elements.

Name badges

We know you’re excited to get a badge with the new logo. That’s great! We ask that you be patient, as we create new badges for our nearly 8,500 employees. Security will work with leadership in each department to create and deliver new badges. Please do not go to the badging office or contact Security to get a new badge. New employees will get a badge with the new logo. Employees who are promoted, transfer or have a title change can get new badges.

More fun to come

We know not everyone could join us at the medical center this past Monday. That’s why we’re sending out nearly 90 Pinkies Up party boxes to our offices located off the main campus. Plus, we’re hosting more launch parties!

  • Calmont building ~ Nov. 8
  • Prosper campus ~ Nov. 17 (two events)
  • Alliance ~ TBD
  • Mansfield ~ TBD
  • Abilene ~ TBD

Got questions?

Throw them our way!

culture@cookchildrens.org (please provide only your work email)