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"We Are Family": 2023 Service Award Recipients


We want to bring special recognition to our own Susie Schulwitz, RN, Health Information and Literacy Coordinator. Please take the time to watch this very special video. Susie is employee number 0009 and has been a Cook Children's employee for 55 years and 9 months. “We are family,” Susie says of Cook Children's. Watch now as she shares her story with you

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Susie Schulwitz
service awards June 2023

Congrats to our employees who reached a milestone year between May 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023. 

This year, nearly 1,200 employees are celebrating career milestones at Cook Children's - from five to 55 years of service! Thank you to this special group of employees for all you've done for our patients, their families, and each other. Your hard work, dedication, and service to your community and our Pinky Promise have helped to continue creating moments of magic for all that you serve. 

Take a look here for the list of employees hitting milestones this year! Congratulations to all! 

We could not have made it to 105 years without you!

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