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A Message From Nancy Cychol: Our 2022 Employees Care Initiative

Nancy Cychol

By Nancy Cychol,  Chief of Hospital Services

Cook Children’s is filled with wonderful people, like you, who dedicate their lives to helping our patients and families. Whether you schedule appointments, help families work through insurance or billing questions, provide important support services, serve our community or deliver direct patient care, each of you help to turn excellent care into everyday miracles.

We don't just show up for work. We aim to make the health of every child in our community better. That's the Cook Children's Promise. And that’s why I’m writing to you about Employees Care.

 When you give to Employees Care, you make a difference! You can be confident that your donations are directly impacting those you serve. No matter how big or small your donation may be, you create healing through generosity.

We’ve passed the half-way point of our 2022 Employees Care initiative. With a participation goal of 4,000 employees giving back to Employees Care, we’ve already reached 68% of that goal. And there’s still time to give.

I know, with your help, we will reach our goal and the best part is the impact we will each have on the lives of our patients and families.

For more information about the programs you can support or to make your donation to Employees Care, simply click here.

Thank you for joining me and so many of your colleagues in supporting this year’s campaign.

With gratitude,


Give Today For Their Tomorrows

As an employee, you want your donation to directly impact the patient and families you serve. When you give to Employees Care, you can be confident knowing that you are part of their entire medical journey. Click here  to learn more about Employees Care (you must be on the network to view the site).