11:44 AM

A Tour: Welcome to Cook Children's Medical Center - Prosper

Many of our employees' children took center stage during the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Cook Children's Medical Center in Prosper. Take a moment to watch some familiar faces lead us throughout the new medical center and look for the many moments of magic. 

Tour of CMC Prosper

“Thank you, God, for Everything”

Another highlight of the day was the reading from the book, “Thank you, God, for Everything” by Lee Franklin. We've been asked a lot about this reading and wanted to make it available to you.

Thank you for the morning light, for hope and wishes fresh and bright, for sunrise sky and birds that sing--we thank you, God, for everything!

Thank you for the food we eat, for pancakes, warm and sticky sweet, for scrambled eggs and jellied toast and time with those we love the most.

Thanks for playgrounds, thanks for swings, for sand and slides and climbing things, for friends who make the day so great, for all we have to celebrate.

Thanks for time to eat and rest, for time with those we like the best, for sandwiches and mac and cheese--we thank you, God, for all of these.

For grassy fields and climbing trees, for flowers dancing in the breeze, for sunshine days and cooking shade, we thank you for the world you made!

At dinnertime we together round. We're back together, safe and sound. We thank you, God, for food and fun and love that blesses everyone.

Thank you for the night's first star, for loving us for who we are, for goodnight hugs, each bedtime kiss--we thank you, God, for all of this.

And we wanted to add one more special word of thanks: Thank you for Cook Children’s Medical Center – Prosper.