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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

WorkdayYou might be wondering about specific topics as we gear up to launch Workday at Cook Children’s just a few weeks from now. Check out these Top 10 FAQs from employees and managers!

Employee Self-Service:

Q: Is Kronos going away?

A: No, timekeeping and absences will continue to be managed in Kronos.

Q: Can I still access Timeclock and Paycheck Adjustment forms in Workday, as I did in Lawson?

A: Yes, there will be an employee dashboard with links to those electronic forms and the Occupational Health portal.

Q: How far back will I be able to see payslips in Workday?

A: 7 years per the retention policy.

Q: Can I print payslips from Workday?

A: Yes, you can export to a PDF and print.

Q: Will mileage and toll reimbursements be managed in Workday?

A: Yes, you will enter travel and expense reimbursements in Workday. There are step-by-step tip sheets to aid you if needed.

Q: Will we still need to submit the actual physical receipts for reimbursements?

A: No, you can take pictures of the receipts in the Workday mobile app, and upload with your expense report.

Q: When can we use the Workday Mobile App?

A: July 1. More info will go out to the system with directions for multi-factor authentication, which is also required to use the app.

Q: Can I enter expense reports into different cost centers that I work with?

A: Yes, you can submit under different cost centers and the report will automatically route to that cost center’s approver.

Q: Where will we find the link to Workday at go live on July 1?

A: You will find a link to Workday on CookNet, just as it was for Lawson.

Q: What are some common tasks an employee may do in Workday?

A: View your paychecks, check your benefits, update address and contact info, view PTO balance, enter expense reports, update direct deposit data, order supplies (as an approved department orderer).

Manager-Self Service:

Q: Will we order supplies in Workday now?

A: Yes, all supplies formerly ordered in Lawson will now be ordered in Workday. For step-by-step directions, watch this video https://cookchildrens.certpointsystems.com/lms/basicportal/cookchildrens/en-US/learner/courses/7deb6e76-9939-4af5-9185-d77baf248352 available in ULearn.

Q: Can we delegate tasks such as expense reports to our executive secretaries?

A: Yes, leaders can identify which tasks can be delegated to specific staff. The delegation will then need to be approved by the department leader.

Q: Can you set up Workday notifications to route to your Outlook email?

A: Yes, you can edit your settings to do this in Workday.

Q: Will consultants, contractors and students also be tracked in Workday?

A: No, at this time only Cook employees will be tracked in Workday.

Q: When I schedule an interview in Workday, will it send the applicant a notification?

A: Yes, it will send them an email communication with the date/time. Any changes to the appointment in Workday will generate a new communication. It will not send an appointment to your Outlook calendar.

Q: Are there any big differences in the hiring process with Workday?

A: No, the process is largely the same, but now occurring in Workday. You will notice simpler navigation of the tools though!

Q: Will Corrective Actions be in Workday and not on paper?

A: Yes, they will now be documented in Workday. Please see the list of training dates HR provided to go over this workflow.

Q: Will Job Descriptions be on the same site?

A: No, we will be using an app called JDXpert that integrates with Workday. The Job Descriptions are the same, but will be in a new location.

Q: Will I still be able to access reports in Workday as I did in Lawson?

A: Yes. If you frequently manage/run reports you may want to sign up for the Workday Reporting course here https://cookchildrens.certpointsystems.com/lms/basicportal/cookchildrens/en-US/learner/courses/814552cc-80b9-463d-bc1d-2636d11b5751 in ULearn.

Q: Will annual reviews be done in Workday?

A: Yes, starting FY24 the review process will begin to transition into Workday. Be watching for more training as we get closer to launching that process.