12:12 PM

Congratulations to the Great 10 Nurses

Congratulations to nurses from across the System who were named Great 10 Nurses at a special ceremony on May 10. These nurses represent excellence in the art and science of nursing and all the winners have shown themselves to be role models, leaders, community servants, compassionate caregivers, and significant contributors to the nursing profession. 

Recipients are: Lisa Bashore, Kristen Cook, KaLinda Evans, Sarah "Alli" Herring, Sherry Kuykendall, Emily Percy, Laura Portillo, Ross Richardson, Katelyn Terry, and Amelia Vinson.Thank you to all Cook Children's nurses, for all that you do for our patient families.

Watch the ceremony here (you must be on the network).



Front 1st Row: Kalinda Evans, Ross Richardson, Katelyn Terry, Debbie Boudreaux 

Middle 2nd Row: Laura Portillo, Lisa Bashore, Kristen Cook, Orlando Chapa 

Back 3rd Row: Emily Percy, Sherry Kuykendall, Cheryl Petersen 

Not pictured: Sarah "Alli" Herring,  Amelia Vinson