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Connect Newsletter (April 7, 2022)

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April 7, 2022

Burnout Image CoverBurnout Survey Scheduled To Begin On April 26, 2022 

At Cook Children’s, we truly care about you and your teams, and we are determined to prevent and address burnout.

On Tuesday, April 26, all Cook Children's employees will be invited via email to complete a survey, conducted by MindGarden. We will use the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) & Areas of Worklife Survey (AWS) – the gold standard for measuring burnout.

MBI uses the following three scales to discover how employees perceive their job and people to whom they work closely:

  1. Exhaustion - feelings of being overextended and exhausted by one's work.
  2. Depersonalization or Cynicism - indifference or a distant attitude toward your work and/or patients
  3. Professional Accomplishment/Efficacy - satisfaction with past and present accomplishments, assesses an individual's expectations of continued effectiveness at work

AWS identifies potential work-related burnout triggers for employees.

Click here to watch an important video and to read more about how Cook Children's is working to address and prevent burnout.


Spotlight on Female CCPN Leadership

For the first time in Cook Children's history, the CCPN executive committee, along with three assistant vice presidents, is led by all females. 

Doctors Alice Phillips, Michelle Marcincuk, Julee Morrow, Deborah Schutte and Bianka Soria-Olmos head the executive committee that serves as a touchpoint for physicians and partners with the CCPN administrative leadership team. Dr. Phillips is the first female primary care doctor to serve as board chair.  

Read how this inspiring group of physicians navigates making difficult decisions, collaborates with their peers during the pandemic, mentors the next generation of doctors and more.

Additionally, Tara Allen, Teresa Baker and Veronica Tolley serve as assistant vice presidents of Primary and Specialty services within CCPN. These three women work closely to support physicians, implement outside-of-the-box solutions and foster a positive culture.

Learn how they divide and conquer to support primary and specialty care, regional clinics, telemedicine, physician recruitment and more.

ccpn leadership


press ganeyCook Children's Expands Partnership With Press Ganey To Now Include Patient Experience

Press Ganey helps health care organizations optimize every patient and family interaction to build connection, trust, and loyalty. 

On April 1, 2022, Cook Children's launched several surveys to capture patient feedback on critical components that impact the care experience. 

Learn more about the new surveys here.


1920_aimforsafetyAim for Safety® Program Rolls Out Digital Kiosk at Defender Outdoors

Since 2017, we’ve treated 340 children and teens for gun injuries. Sixteen of those patients died. 

This data drives our Aim for Safety® team to think outside of the box when delivering the message of gun safety. Recently, they formed a unique partnership with Defender Outdoors in Fort Worth. The popular sports shooting and outdoors equipment retailer is now home to a 7-foot tall interactive Aim for Safety kiosk, which teaches children what to do if they find a gun, and reinforces safe-storage practices for adults. 

“I think this could be a real breakthrough in how we educate our families,” says Dan Guzman, M.D., an emergency department physician who initiated Aim for Safety in 2017 after seeing too many children treated for accidental gun-related injuries. 

Click here to watch a video of the new, innovative kiosk.


tripeasyIntroducing TripEasy: New Employee Platform to Book Business Travel

(Note: You must be connected to the network to access this page.)

Business travel just got TripEasy! This new partnership with Travel Services allows employees to create their own profiles and book business travel. The best part? No training is required!

Steps for access:

  1. ​Click on the TripEasy icon. If you are in the system, you will be taken to your secure home page. If you are not already in the system, a popup with instructions to gain access will be provided. 
  2. Once on your home page, click on "ME" located in the upper left corner. Some who have traveled frequently in the past may see information prepopulated in their profile. Please review and complete the remaining required fields.
  3. Once your profile is completed, email travel.services@cookchildrens.org for access to the booking tool. Access to the secure booking portal will be processed within 24 hours of the request. 

Visit the Travel Services page on CookNet for more details and instructions!


Ashley BrockCelebrating National Library Week and Promoting Health Literacy

This National Library Week (April 3-9), we're putting the focus on our Family Library/Literacy program manager and our three libraries here at Cook Children's Medical Center. Yes, you read that right! Did you know we have three libraries within our main campus downtown Fort Worth?

The Matusik Family Health Library is a special place for our patients, families and caregivers to find understandable, up-to-date information needed to make the best possible health decisions. 

The Bomar Library is located inside the Child Life Zone (CLZ) and offers reading books for all ages that are available to all inpatients and their siblings for check-out.

The Schwarz Health Sciences Library is a place for all employees, health care providers with admitting and clinical privileges and students while on rotation. It is located in the basement of the medical center between the South Tower and main building.

Six years ago, Ashley Brock, MLS, AHIP, pictured right, visited a family member after their surgery at Cook Children’s. She was not expecting to discover her dream job during that visit. 

Learn more about each library, services offered and hours of operation, as well as Ashley Brock, MLS, AHIP.


phone callImportant Media and Social Media Policy Reminder

Cook Children's is often featured in the news and by online and social media outlets, and it's important for all of us to be reminded of our media and social media use policies.

Per our Media policy, please do not speak to the media about any of our patients. Direct all media inquiries to Kim Brown, APR, manager of Public Relations. 

As it relates to HIPAA and PHI, please do not access any patient's electronic health record unless you have a job-related reason to do so.

Please also take a moment to review the Social Networking and Social Media Use policy and the guidelines and expectations detailed. It is important that employees do not comment online about any matter related to any of our patients. 


slime a doc 2022For National Doctors' Day, Slime-A-Doc Returned to Cook Children's

On Wednesday, March 30, we gathered together again for Slime-A-Doc to celebrate National Doctors' Day.  After a two-year hiatus, Slime-A-Doc returned bigger, better and slimier than ever! 

Thank you to all of the participants and congratulations to this year's winners: 

  • Child Life: Laura Sonefeld, Sit…Stay…PLAY! coordinator 
  • Nurses and APPs: Lauren Mecke, NP, Urology 
  • COVID Command Center Leaders: Stan Davis, chief operating officer 
  • Physicians: Diane Arnaout, M.D., and Daniel Guzman, M.D. 

If you weren't able to attend the event, you can catch a video recap and see pictures here. 


Happy Retirement!

Please join us in recognizing the upcoming retirements below! 

David Cotton, MRI technologist, Hurst Radiology (not pictured) is retiring from the system on Thursday, April 28, after more than 27 years of service to Cook Children's. 

We encourage you to take a moment to send David a farewell note or a congratulatory eCard by April 28.

Mary Stout, executive assistant II, Governmental Relations (pictured left) is retiring from the system on Friday, April 29, after more than 21 years of service to Cook Children's. 

We encourage you to take a moment to send Mary a farewell note or a congratulatory eCard by April 29.

Diana Martens, LVN, clinic nurse, Gastroenterology (pictured right) is retiring from the system on Saturday, April 30, after more than 30 years of service to Cook Children's. 

We encourage you to take a moment to send Diana a farewell note or a congratulatory eCard by April 30.

april retirements


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