14:36 PM

Cook Children's Expands Partnership With Press Ganey To Now Include Patient Experience


Cook Children’s has expanded our partnership with Press Ganey to now include Patient Experience.  Press Ganey helps health care organizations optimize every patient and family interaction to build connection, trust, and loyalty. 

As your experience improvement partner, Press Ganey remains committed to helping you enhance care delivery by providing reliable tools to capture meaningful feedback and delivering actionable performance insights.

Cook Children’s will launch targeted surveys beginning on April 1, 2022.  The surveys ask foundational questions to focus on what matters to patients and capture targeted data that allow for performance improvement and robust benchmarking. These surveys capture patient feedback on critical components that impact the care experience, including loyalty drivers and focused priority areas.

“Patient experience measurement plays an important role in supporting our organizational priorities and journey toward preeminence,” said Megan Chavez, vice president of Patient and Family Experiences at Cook Children's . “The Press Ganey team has created a thoughtful approach and process that will help you transition and they will work closely with you to ensure that the migration process is seamless.”

The benefits of this partnership include:

  • An integrated approach.  Cook Children’s partners with Press Ganey through Workforce Engagement, NDNQI, Member Experience, Consumerism and Patient Experience
  • Robust benchmarking capabilities
  • True partnership with a dedicated Press Ganey success team
  • Advanced reporting that leverages sophisticated analytics
  •  Expert library of on-demand improvement resources