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Embracing Magical Moments

Employees share how they are using this spring's bonus to create magical moments in their own lives.

Employees cheered when a Magical Moments Bonus was announced to say thank you for everyone's hard work and dedication. We asked you to tell us if you used the extra money to create magical moments for yourselves and your families. See how the magic spread throughout the Cook Children's Health Care System. If you have a story to share, please email us at internalcommunications@cookchildrens.org.

Cynthia Lerma

“See the attached photos of what I used the Magical Bonus on! I was able to put a down payment on a car. She graduates high school next week!” 

- Cynthia Lerma

Ernest Brown

“My wife is a professional bodybuilder, she is here on the far left, black dress.  We just found out that she was invited to compete in Europe, Romania to be exact - at the Olympia!  With the Magical Moment Bonus, we bought our airfare to Romania and it also covered part of the Airbnb as well!!  We are so grateful to Cook Children's Health Care System for providing this bonus.  Thank you so much and here’s to hoping that we might have the next Ms. Olympia in the Cook family.  (The Olympia is the Super Bowl of bodybuilding, this is the same competition where Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, etc won!)”

- Ernest Brown

My husband lost his job due to COVID so I am the ‘breadwinner’ of our family.  We were wondering how we were going to pay for our house insurance, without using savings, and then Cook Children's announced the bonus.  My Magic Moment Bonus will pay for my house insurance." 

- Perdita Shook

Fall Creek Falls

“I want to send a very grateful Thank You for the Magical Moment bonus I received last week. I am very thankful and appreciative of this (and the other bonus opportunities offered over the last few years).  It is easy to see the extra money, be thankful, and then move on to all the busyness of everyday life.  But I wanted to send my Thanks this time around. I hope this is shared with the decision makers who bring these bonus ideas to life.  Each bonus and gift are all greatly appreciated. This is a picture from a recent vacation to Tennessee.  The bonus will help to pay for part of our journey.  (This is Fall Creek Falls, in Fall Creek Falls State Park in central Tennessee.)”

- Dennis Ward

Van Dyk windows

“I am so excited to share that I used the bonus as a down payment on 12 new windows for my home. My home was built in 1963 and had terrible single pane aluminum frame windows. New energy efficient double pane windows were installed throughout the house and I am so grateful for the bonus that made this possible.”

- Sheryl Van Dyk

“I have been wanting to buy a pair of cowboy boots for a long time but did not have money to buy a pair. I just went got a pair of Tecovas  boots. God bless you all.”

- Bobby Emmons.

The bulk of my bonus is going to our son’s college education.  And, I will set back a couple of hundred dollars to do something for myself – need to practice some self-care too.”

- Deneesa Rasmusen