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Experience Week 2023: Five Days, Five Challenges

Let’s connect. We are better together. Gift card drawings every day.


Here's a rundown of all the ways you and your teams can participate in this year's Experience Week activities.

_experience week

April 24, Day One – How do you connect, collaborate or elevate the experience with your patients or coworkers? Email patientexperinece@cookchildrens.org with an example of how you implemented the standard. One staff member will be chosen at random to receive a $15 Amazon gift card.

o   Challenge: Say Hello to 10 people within the first 2 hours of your day!

April 25, Day Two – Connect – Connect with each other through moments of magic!  Find a moment of magic you would like to see from others or a way to share magic with our patients.  Send us an email about how you created magic at patientexperience@cookchildrens.org.  One lucky staff member will be chosen at random to receive a $15 Amazon gift card.

o   Challenge: Every employee is challenged is to say “good morning” or “good afternoon” randomly to patients/ families 5 -10 times throughout the day.  Enjoy making that connection!

April 26, Day Three – Collaborate – Collaborate with a friend to complete the word search puzzle (see top right-hand corner under “downloads”). When you're finished, scan and send the completed puzzle with both of your names to patientexperience@cookchildrens.org.  Two lucky staff members will be chosen at random to receive a $15 Amazon gift card each.

o   Challenge: Help guide a lost patient or family member to their destination.

April 27, Day Four – Elevate – Reminds us to elevate someone’s day. We challenge everyone to say “thank you” to at least one patient or family member and three of your coworkers from a different department ( i.e. front staff could thank specialty or primary clinical employees. For example: “Thank you for always being so quick to respond to my questions.” Be generous with your kindness! Email us a photo of a thank you card you sent or describe how you showed gratitude to patientexperience@cookchildrens.org to be chosen at random to receive a $15 Amazon gift card.

o    Challenge: Deliver an uplifting note or quote to someone's desk or car.

April 28, Day Five- Connect, Collaborate, Elevate- Send us your story of how you made meaningful connections this week to patientexperience@cookchildrens.org for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

o    Challenge:  Learn 5 new things about someone AND share 5 things about yourself.

Please note: If you do not have an Amazon account, please let us know and we’ll order a Walmart gift card.