14:18 PM

Microsoft Teams Arriving Oct. 4

On Oct. 4, Microsoft Teams will be available to our system. Before the arrival, we wanted to provide you with the latest information.  Click here to register for Microsoft Teams training.

The Teams application will only be available on your Cook Children's owned computer for now. This means you can have conversations with co-workers, group chats, meetings, voice and video calls, share files, and work together with others on your computer. If you need a new workspace or channels, you can request them easily. 

  • Don't worry, Skype isn't immediately going away, but we think you should start using Teams now to get used to it and to take advantage of all that it has to offer you. 

What's Next:

  • Please know this is only the beginning. 
  • We promised to provide you more information about guest and dial-in calls and meetings.
    • Please note that employee access to Teams meetings from a personal mobile device will be limited to dial-in access at this time.
    • When joining a meeting from your mobile device, the Teams meeting invite should contain a reminder, “When joining from your mobile device, please always dial into the 'call in (audio only) line.”

Here are a few important resources:

Before Oct. 4, please take 4 minutes to watch this helpful video with a tour and important information about Microsoft Teams. 

Team Introduction Video