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Share Your Patient Experience Story

Experience Standards

How did you ConnectCollaborateElevate a patient, family or team experience? 

We have shared some examples below but please share your story by submitting itto patientexperience@cookchildrens.org by Friday, May 6, 2022.*

Three prizes (Target gift card) will be awarded.

Tell us a story of the connection you make with a family.

“I was talking with a mom of one of my patients and we discovered that we went to the same elementary school!  We shared some great memories of the school and our teachers!”

Tell us a story of how you collaborated to provide care.

“I just wanted to shout out Dr. D for being really kind, compassionate to both my wife and our daughter. He really took the time to not only make sure that my daughter was all healthy which she is. Thank goodness, but he really took the time to talk to my wife about just the lifestyle changes and you know, the stress and the postpartum depression that could happen. He really got her in a good head space after we had a rough 4 days in the hospital. So it's great when you see a physician not only take care of the child, but also make sure the family is well taken care of, as well. So just wanted to shout him out and the whole staff, but definitely thank you Dr. D. You have a patient forever.”

Tell us a story of how you elevated the patient, family or team experience.

“The patient was very apprehensive about the blood draw so I explained the Comfort Menu and asked how I could best support the patient and allowed mom to do a comfort position and distract with toys.  I explained what I was going to do and when, and took the time to talk to and be playful with the patient. After hearing about how poorly a lab draw in the doctor's office went last time I wanted to make a better experience this time.”

Cook Children’s Experience Standards

 Connect…Seeing the world through your eyes

  • How are you today?”
  • “I love your shoes/socks/etc.”
  •  “It is so good to see/talk to you.”

Collaborate…Embracing togetherness

  • “What matters most to you?”
  • “What do you think about…?”
  • “You know your child best.”

Elevate…Finding moments of magic

  • “Sounds like we should…”
  • “I will walk you there.”
  • “We’ve got this!”