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What Makes Cook Children's So Different? It's YOU!

Our Experience Standards

Experience Standards

Thanks to the trust you build with your co-workers and the families we serve, we are able to provide excellent care across the system. And it's important that no matter where a family finds care within our system, they feel that Cook Children's experience. 

You helped define the actions that consistently bring our unique experience to colleagues, patients, families, donors and health plan members. The steps you take form and nurture relationships that allow us to deliver on our Promise. We call these actions our Experience standards. When these actions link together, we create a rhythm to every interaction and the strong bond needed to provide great care. 

Connect: Relate human-to-human by seeing each other as people first. Find common ground to provide more equitable care. Connect with families so they know they are part of the care team. Show people that you care and establish rapport.

Collaborate: Listen and partner to understand each other's perspectives. Value what our families and peers bring to the table and what is most important to them. Come to an agreement with them and create respect.

Elevate: Reflect on what you've talked about so far. Take action to take the next steps together and create moments that matter. Honor the story you've created together and support choices you make as a team.