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Workday Wednesday (July 5, 2023)


July 5, 2023

workday-og-themeDay 3 Tips for You!

As always, see the Workday site for step-by-step tip sheets and other info.

  • Incorrect Contact Information: If you see incorrect work contact info, such as phone or address, the HR & IS teams are working to identify a solution. This will be communicated system wide when available.
  • Halftime positions in Workday: Note that halftime positions show differently in Workday. In your PROFILE, your Employee Type is “REGULAR” and your Time Type is “PART TIME”.
  • Inaccurate Notifications: Please ignore any notifications in your Workday inbox that arrived prior to July 1, 2023, including any license/certification expiration notices. These will auto delete after 30 days.
  • Managers can now see their staff’s home email and phone numbers in their Team’s Contact Info.
  • Virtual Assistance: Please see the schedule and links for drop-in sessions listed below for Employee, Manager, Expense Report, & Supply Ordering questions!
  • For historical Lawson data or other hyperlinks, use this tip sheet!


Email Preference Tip

Workday's default is to send notifications IMMEDIATELY to your Outlook email. If you'd like to update this to DAILY, you can change this by going to your PROFILE in Workday, then to MY ACCOUNT. From there, CHANGE PREFERENCES to update by topic.


The Latest Workday Information from HR

Since our transition to Workday, our HR department has received several questions, and we want to provide some clarifications to ensure everyone is informed.

Position Manager Information

We have noticed that multiple hiring managers across the system are reaching out to our recruiters regarding issues with requisitions and positions from Position Manager. We have identified three scenarios that have arisen:

  • Scenario One: In Position Manager, an applicant filled a role, and although recruiters canceled the unnecessary requisition in Workday, the applicant still appears in their organizational chart alongside the original position.
  • Scenario Two: Hiring managers are reviewing their org chart and realizing they have more positions available than they should.
  • Scenario Three: Hiring managers are trying to replace an individual who was termed in Lawson. However, either there is no term action or the term did not transfer to Workday, making it impossible to open the requisition.

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, please open a service desk ticket with the HRIS Team so we can assist you promptly.

GEO Allowance

A change we have implemented in Workday is the separation of the GEO differential from the base pay. Previously, the GEO differential was included in the base pay, but now it will be paid separately. Rest assured, your total pay remains the same; it will just be a combination of the base rate and the GEO differential.

Here's an example to illustrate this:

In the previous system (Lawson), the base rate was $25.78. In Workday, the pay will be divided as follows:

Base rate: $24.09

Geographical Differential: 7%

Base rate + Geo Diff: $24.09 x 1.07 = $25.78

To access your employee information, including compensation details, please navigate to the Compensation section in Workday.

Correcting your GEO Earnings

We have identified an issue with the recent paycheck for employees receiving the GEO allowance. Some earnings related to trainings, meetings, jury duty, or PTO were not calculated correctly. Our HR team is actively addressing this matter, and any necessary corrections will be made. You can expect to receive retro pay on your next paycheck, scheduled for July 21. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Job Descriptions

Our process for managing job descriptions remains unchanged. We will continue to utilize the Job Description (JD) Library, as we have done in the past. Please send any new job descriptions or changes to existing job descriptions to the Compensation mailbox.

PACE update

As a reminder, the move to Workday required a blackout period from May 21 to July 1 for pay changes which included PACE. If your PACE was completed during that time frame, and everything was completed on time, you can expect to see your increase on your July 21 paycheck, and any retro pay will be processed on or before Aug. 4.


Leader Update

Reminder: Please set up a delegate when you are away from the office to take care of any Workday duties. We ask that the delegate be a peer or higher. Click here to view a guide that covers how to Manage Delegations in Workday. Once the process has been delegated, the designee will access the delegated tasks. They perform the initial process outlined in Access Delegated Tasks. Thereafter, they can access the Switch Account option from the Worker Profile. Only initiate on my behalf request can be delegated to EAs.

A quick note to hiring managers:

If you have a task to input an interview date for someone who was hired in Position Manager, please let your recruiter know. They have the ability to remove the applicant from the manager review process and handle it for you.


Workday Is Live! Important Information You Need to Know

Workday is now LIVE! Click here or access from:

CookNet>Quick Links (just as you accessed Lawson) to check your personal info, enter expense reports, post new positions, check benefits, etc.

Apply for a Job: If you’ve been waiting to find a new job at Cook Children's, use this tip sheet to help you Find Jobs!

Verify your 7/7/23 paycheck in Workday now!

This week is the first payroll in Workday. The details of the July 7, 2023 bi-weekly paychecks are already visible in Workday, and Workday Mobile!  Please review your pay for accuracy and submit a ticket to the service desk if you have any discrepancies.

Helpful hints: Non-exempt employees should review their timecard daily to check for missed punches, incorrect transfers or any other changes that can be addressed at the end of each day. Managers should approve PTO requests as they come through and review timecards and submit needed adjustments weekly. Waiting to review and submit changes on Payroll Monday may cause delays in employees being paid timely.

If you need help navigating Workday:

  • First, check out the library of step-by-step tip sheets & videos & FAQs available here in the Workday Resources site on CookNet.
  • If you still have questions, join a drop-in-virtual session with a trainer! The schedule of sessions with virtual links is available on the Workday Resources site
  • Need more help? Email servicedesk@cookchildrens.org with the subjectWORKDAY HELP and a member of the Workday project team will reach out to you!

**Please ignore any notifications in your Workday Inbox prior to 7/1, including expired license/certification notifications. These will auto delete from your Workday Inbox after 30 days.**

Workday Mobile App: Click here for instructions on downloading both Imprivata and the Workday mobile app to your personal device for added convenience!

Updating Personal Info: Use the guide below to make updates to your information.  

Data to Review

What to do if incorrect


Submit name change request in Workday 

Title, Supervisor, Full-time equivalent (FTE), rate of pay

Contact hris@cookchildrens.org

Benefit Elections

Contact Alight:   833-938-4154

W4 Tax Elections

Update Tax Elections in Workday 

Direct deposit information

Update direct deposition information in Workday