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A Call for “Grace” for our UCC and ED Staffs


The following is a social media post that went out Thursday, Sept. 8 in support of staff from our Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Department:


Over the past two weeks, the patient volumes in Cook Children’s Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Department have reached peak levels. In a single day last week, we saw 627 patients in the ED breaking an all-time record and the UCCs have gone up as high as 873 patients in one day, far surpassing our highest volumes in years past. This has resulted in extremely long wait times. Our Fort Worth UCC has far exceeded its capacity on multiple days ... which results in more people turning to the ED. 

 As you can imagine, this has led to frustration for those seeking care. Our exhausted staff have heard an abundance of complaints and mean comments that are discouraging when they are working so hard to serve our patients and families. Unfortunately, they are outmatched by the demand.

 Here’s what we know:

 1.       The vast majority of patients in our UCCs and ED have upper respiratory infections like colds.

2.       Most COVID-19 tests are coming back negative.

3.       All of our pediatrician offices offer COVID testing and it’s safe to wait one to two days for COVID testing if you plan to keep your child at home.

4.       If your pediatrician does not have available appointments for your child’s cold symptoms, there are at-home COVID-19 tests available in stores currently.

5.       Minor concerns like sore throat, cough, low-grade fever, diarrhea and other stomach problems are issues your pediatrician can help with.

6.       The ED should only be used for severe symptoms and injuries.

7.       The UCC should be used for moderate symptoms and injuries.

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