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Armband Color Changes for Allergies, Fall Risk

Cook Children's adopts the nationwide standard beginning Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022

To align with the American Hospital Association's armband alert colors, Cook Children's is changing the color-coded armband for patient allergies and fall risk. The changes begin Sunday, Jan. 23. Note: Cook Children's will NOT be adopting DNR armbands. CCMC will continue to utilize code sheets to signify resuscitation status. 

allergy alert band

Red allergy band details: 

  • Red bands pre-printed with “ALLERGY” should be placed only on patients with allergies 
  • No NKDA bands 
    • If the patient does not have an allergy, they will NOT receive a band 
  • Allergy bands will NOT list allergies 
    • No handwriting allergies on the band 
  • Why red for allergies? 
    • Red signifies stop, reminding staff to verify allergies 

fall risk band  (1)

Yellow fall risk band details:

  • Yellow “FALL RISK ” bands will replace the orange Humpty Dumpty bands 
    • This applies only to patients who score High Risk in the Humpty Dumpty Scale 
  • Why yellow for fall risk? 
    • Yellow alerts everyone to take caution and slow down 


armband colors changePolicy Changes: 

  • Policy changes are coming  in February. 
  • The admitting RN is responsible for placement, but may delegate. 
  • All armbands are to be placed on the same extremity.
  • Armbands should be assessed during handoff and bedside shift report. 
  • Mandatory ULearn for direct patient care staff and select support staff is due Monday, Jan. 31. 

For questions, please email magnet@cookchildrens.org