15:30 PM

Bike Helmet Challenge: Who Gets to Wear The Pink Fig Joggers For a 24-Hour Shift?

grantjayAt Cook Children's, even a serious cause can be fun. 

Jay Pearson, Trauma/Surgical Advanced Practice Provider (APP), noticed a disturbing trend among Cook Children's patients and helmet usage. From the patients seen at Cook Children's for injuries sustained from bikes, scooters or skateboards our helmet use is 11% or less.  

The Injury Prevention team at Cook Children's provide helmets to patients who don’t have one, but since there are only two members of the team, they aren't able to reach all the patients they would like to see on a given night.  

In an effort to get nurses to ask about helmet use and provide helmets and education to those patients who need it, Jay came up with the idea to challenge his friend, Trauma/Surgical APP, Grant Kirby to a contest to raise awareness, increase helmet education and ensure all our patients have helmets. 

Jay and Grant are currently competing until Nov. 1, to see who can get the most nurses on 5 South Tower to provide a helmet and education to a patient. The nurses then get a sticker to “vote” for either Jay or Grant   Whoever “wins” gets the opportunity to wear pink, jogger Figs scrubs for an entire shift (24 hours).  The nurse who gives away the most helmets will also get to pick out “accessories” for the winner to wear. 

Make no mistake, Jay and Grant are both hoping for tie.

We look forward to following the story and we expect pictures.